OSPP tools for coordinators, nominators, and judges

The following guidelines focus on the actions and tools for coordinators, nominators, and judges. The overall OSPP procedure is described on the OSPP website.

OSPP coordinators

OSPP coordinators are assigned to a specific programme group and oversee the evaluation of the OSPP applications of that programme group. To fulfil the tasks, the so-called OSPP coordinator tool provides an overview of all applications, judges, and nominators.

Prior to the conference

The nominators are asked by email to nominate up to five judges per abstract in order to finally reach the minimum of three agreed judges. The list of applications indicates the assignments. You are kindly asked to do the following:

  • Check the judge assignments and remind nominators or assign additional judges, if necessary;
  • Please make sure that all applications have three judges assigned before the conference starts;
  • Besides the judge assignments per application, the interface also shows the number of assignments per judge. When nominating judges, please avoid overburdening them. Judges are then informed by email about their (additional) assignment. If they decline to serve specific abstracts, the nominators will be informed by email.
  • Attendees can indicate in the online programme to volunteer as judge. Nominators receive emails requesting approval of such volunteers. Should nominators forget to decide you will be asked to approve or reject judge applications.

After the conference

As long as the OSPP judge dashboard is open, please watch the incoming evaluations indicated in the list of OSPP abstracts. If evaluation forms are sent directly to you (e.g. by email), you can open the respective online form from the list of OSPP abstracts and enter the marks.

After the deadline for OSPP judge forms has expired, you are kindly asked to do the following:

  • Assign the OSPP award(s) to the successful applications of your programme group. Hereby, the maximum number of awards per programme group is one-thirtieth of the number of OSPP participating abstracts;
  • Please keep in mind that one person can only win the OSPP award once in their lifetime. Please check the past awardees.
  • Finalize your decision;
  • Send the outcome emails to all applicants of your programme group.

OSPP nominators (conveners)

During the OSPP judge nomination, conveners are asked by email to assign judges to each contribution of their session that takes part in the OSPP contest. For this purpose, conveners have access to the OSPP nominator tool of their session.

  • You should nominate up to five judges per abstract in order to finally reach the minimum of three agreed judges. Please note that one has to have a PhD to be eligible serving as OSPP Judge.
  • You can assign judges from a provided list or add additional judges.
  • Please avoid too many assignments for a single judge.
  • All judges will be informed about the assignment and further duties by email.
  • Judges can decline the evaluation of individual contributions. In this case, you will be informed by email in order to nominate another judge.
  • Attendees can indicate in the online programme to volunteer as judge. You will be informed by email and requested to approve or reject such volunteers.

OSPP judges

OSPP judges are nominated by the session conveners and receive an assignment email as soon as the judge forms are available. The OSPP applications assigned to a judge are listed on the personal OSPP judge dashboard. Use your Copernicus Office user ID as mentioned in the email and the corresponding password to log in. In case the mentioned Copernicus Office user ID in the information email differs from the user ID that you normally use, please contact Copernicus Meetings.

The OSPP judge dashboard provides the links to your personalized online evaluation forms. In addition, the mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones provides a useful option to evaluate the presentation on-site. Mobile app and online forms are synchronized.

Should you disagree with the nomination for a particular OSPP abstract or in case of a conflict of interest (e.g. you are the advisor of the presenting student), please use the OSPP judge dashboard to decline these nominations. The nominators are then informed by email.